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      There is a community, what can we do as a community?

      can we open discussion about the comic, the people who have joined the group, and what we can do together? brainstorm session and get to know

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      The forums will be a good place to have an extended discussion about the comic story and characters. But also it is a good area to meet other people who follow each comic, and hopefully have the artists chime in from time to time. Feel free to start topics, the forums are a bit sparse right now, I am trying to work on ways to get people to start using them more.

      Shortly there will be a badge awarded for each group you join, that is still being worked on. Badges will be displayed in your profile, and in the comment section for each comic and in your forum posts.

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      i had thought that much like the first slice of cake, once someone says something its easier for others to chime in.

      in the case of chimera high some things really should be tossed around here instead of clogging the ‘suggest’ section with the preponderances that will not move things forward

      also a large part of what i wanted was to see who actually wandered by and said ‘howdy’ after i made a thread

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        Refresh my memory: is Online Comics Day alwyas May 5th, or the first Saturday in May? Because if it’s alwyas Saturday, shouldn’t we lobby to move it to a day when people with office jobs might actually ya know, see other people and tell them about it?On a related topic, am I right in my belief that there is no Wikipedia entry for Online Comics Day?

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