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    Mono-crystalline silicon
    Maximum Power (Pmax)W175
    Power Tolerance
    Maximum Power voltage (Vmp)V35.27
    Maximum Power current (Imp)A8.50
    Open circuit voltage (Voc)V45.22
    Short circuit current (Isc)A8.60
    Size of module (Length and Width)1950*990*50
    Frame (type, material and thickness)Anodized Alu.alloy frame,46 mm thickness
    Quantity of cells72 pcs (6×12)
    Cell Size156 x 156mm
    Weight15.0 Kg
    Type of junction boxIP65
    Cable type2 PfG 1169, 4mm²
    Maximum system voltage1000V
    Temperature coefficient of Isc+0.05%/
    Temperature coefficient of Voc-0.34%/
    Temperature coefficient of power-0.5%/
    NOCT (Nominal operating cell temperature)47(+2)
    Voltage StandoffAC2000V, DC3000V
    Wind Bearing60m/s(200kg/sq.m)
    Impact Resistance Hail Impact Test227g steel ball fall down from 1m height
    Glasshigh transmission,low iron,tempered glass 3.2 mm
    Cell Efficiency16.33%
    Module Efficiency13.71%

    250KW on grid solar project in Malta,EU
    60KW on grid solar project in Guatemala,South America
    1.2MW solar power plant in Ecuador,South America
    144KW on grid solar project in California,USA
    150KW on grid solar project in Japan monocrystalline silicon solar cells price