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    Super Quality Circular Saw Blades and Disc Saw Blade Cutters and Carbide Tipped Saw Blades and Carbide Oscillating Multi Tool Saw Blade

    Product Name: Cemented Carbide Saw Blade Milling Cutter
    Applications: It is widely used in machinery, hardware electronics, automobile, bamboo and wood processing, glasses and other industries.
    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Masses
    Material: 100% cemented carbide
    Turning Tools Type: Circular Cutting Tool Surface
    Finishing: White, White
    Color: According your requirement
    Certification: ISO9001:2008, TUV, MPA, SGS
    Quality Grade: For industrial and professional market
    Package: Carton or wooden box
    Teeth Type: AT

    1. Sintered by vacuum sintering furnace and HIP machine with excellent specifications without any hole.
    2.Material of Teeth: Micro Grained Tungsten Carbide Tips supplied from the worlds most advanced tungsten manufacturers ;
    3. We can supply ungrounded cutter or process according drawing, such as grinding face, out diameter, inner-hole, punching, making slotting, blade or teeth etc.
    4. Material of Saw Body: Ultra-thin, perfectly tensioned steel plates for true run;
    5. Expansion Slot: Laser Cut Expansion Slots allow blade to expand and contact during heated operation;
    6. Noise Reduction Slots: Laser Cut Resin filled noise reduction slots on low noise blades;
    7. Precision Tensioned Saw Bodies ensure distortion free cutting throughout the life of the blades.
    8. Tooth Model: Left & Right side bevel teeth, alternate top bevel teeth, flat teeth.
    Brief description:
    It is used for cutting of metal and non-metal materials and is widely used in machinery, hardware, electronics, electrics, instrument, war industry, decoration, automobile, bamboo and wood processing, glasses and other industries.
    Detailed profile:
    Product introduction: It is required to be good in cutting rigidity of machine tool and stable running to avoid inferior operation of cutter. It shall be made according to the requirements in external diameter, internal hole, thickness, tooth number and tooth shape from customers.
    Outside diameter DInside hole dThickness HNumber of toothTooth form
    Φ32~Φ63Φ6.0~Φ32.0≥0.324~234A type
    B type
    S type

    Cemented Carbide Brand Recommended Table:
    BrandPhysical and mechanical performanceRecommended application
    (HRA)Bending strength (N/mm2)
    K20-0814.55-14.8590.53000Application for processing of heat-proof alloy and titanium alloy, powerful milling of various cast irons and non ferrous metals.
    K30-0814.60-14.9089.52800Application for making of all cemented carbide cutters, moulds and drilling tools.
    K30-1513.90-14.2087.03000Application for stretching of steel bar and steel tank under high compression rate.
    K40-1613.90-14.2084.02600Application for inlaying of stelidium drill bit, various roller bits and punching dies.
    K40-2513.45-13.8582.52400Application for cold upsetting, cold punching, cold pressing dies for making of standard parts, bearings and tools etc.
    K60-1814.35-14.6591.83100With good tenacity and high intensity, it is applicable for bamboo processing.
    K60-0814.65-14.8591.03000Especially suitable for heat-proof alloy and titanium alloy.
    K60-1513.90-14.1088.03150Applicable for cold upsetting, cold punching, cold pressing dies for making of standard parts, bearings and tools etc.
    K60-18F14.35-14.6591.53100Applicable for cast iron, stainless steel, heat-resisting steels, heat-proof alloy and titanium alloy.
    K60-12F14.15-14.4591.03200Applicable for cutting and machining cutters for horologe components, primary machining and semi-finish machining of various cast irons and nonferrous metals.

    Should you’re interested in the super quality circular saw blades and disc saw blade cutters and carbide tipped saw blades and carbide oscillating multi tool saw blade, welcome to contact our factory for the products in stock. As one of the professional manufacturers in China, we also offer you the customized service of the special product.Cemented Tungsten Carbide Slitting Saw Milling Cutter