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  • Hey everyone, Ethan here.
    So, those of you who follow my art accounts (links on the right) already know this, but I’m in a difficult financial position at the moment. I had to take extra commission work on top […]

  • I’m kicking off Legend of Lucy’s 4th anniversary with a special series of images! Two per week until the end of October!

    But you can only see the latest pic by voting for Legend of Lucy at Top Webcomics! 

  • You might have noticed that I have changed the name  of the comic to The Legend of Lucy. I felt like this would be a smart move in the long run, in order to disassociate the comic from the movie that came out a […]

  • UPDATE : Turns out I’m even worse at planning than I thought. I’m currently working on the page, I’m hoping to have it updated within two weeks. Sorry ! >>
    So… yeah, the image above says it all. I’m abysmal […]


    If I had low expectations for the turnout of the last contest, they were even lower this time around, but again, I’m pleasantly suprised.

    Winner #1: Stinkiiraven

    It’s not very often I get fanart of […]

  • How would you feel if I posted Lucy in packs instead of one page at a time?

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    A Good Looking Slav says :I’m wondering about the ball-lights, the desk lamp and the lift — are they powered by electricity ?

    Electricity ? Lightning is way too unpredictable and dangerous to be used as a pow […]

    • I’d love to know what those symbols on the Headmistress’ cloak and hat mean.

    • Aaaand we’re back ! I owe you guys an explanation, though. What the f happened ?

      Long story short, I started working on this page in June, shortly after posting the previous one. And then, summer funk set in. I’ve always been subject to depressive moods, and summer has always been a particularly hard season on that aspect. I live in a town where 90% of the population is university students, and so the town is quite dead during the summer, to the point that many stores and restaurants just close for 2 months. So when you add that ghost town feeling, to the “everyone but me is on vacation”, to the absence of kid’s laughs from the nearby school, you obtain a sad mood Ethan that doesn’t work very fast.

      With other, paid projects to tackle and limited energy to do so, I kinda put CH on the backburner for a few weeks. And then came the move.

      As you may remember, about one year ago the apartment below mine burned down – I since learned that it wasn’t an accident (there were 3 fire starts) and that it may have been done by the tenant to fraud his insurance – and my apartment was thoroughly smoked, which caused me to move to a temporary apartment. Seven months later, making it September, my estate agency unexpectedly called me to inform me that the apartment had been cleaned and was ready for use. Ensued a somewhat rushed move (with no van or truck, only my roommate’s parents’ car >>) that resulted into even more delays for CH. The delays in restoring my internet line didn’t help.

      After things calmed down, it was already November. And when came the time to work back on CH, I noticed something : it’s really, REALLY hard to get back to working on such a big project when you have stopped for a while. I simply couldn’t sit down and resume work from where I stopped. To complicate matters even further, I rewrote parts of the script which had grown stale (so to speak) in these months and replaced them with fresher ideas, which added even more delays. So in the end, as days and weeks added up, CH ended up with several months of hiatus.

      So I’d like to apologize to you readers for keeping you in this stupid library for so long. The plot is moving forward once again, and today I introduce you to Miss Howitzer and Headmistress Tsukisame. I hope you’ll like where this is going ! 🙂

    • Whoops. let’s see smooth skin, fin like protrusion from under the cloak, would this be some sort of shark like race? Let’s hope the Headmistress is understandable cuz that Bunny dude… wait, oh is that bunny a lady? Either way doesn’t look happy!

      huh so miss Howitzer, does that mean she goes off with a bang? I bet she is head of security or something.

    • ;3

    • While a profuse apology may be excessive, some apology is necessary.

      You don’t want to lose control of that key. Perhaps a little flip or swish of that fluffy tail of yours could sweep that key towards you. Gather your things and be out of sight and mind as quickly as possible.

      Headmistress Tsukisame appears to be an aquatic species. I wonder how rare would that be?

      And it looks like yet another magic library that Able is banned from.

    • do you have a rappor with these two? the semi-military bunny with a bun does not seem happy to see you

    • Uh oh, punishment is in order. Let’s hope they go easy on you.

  • I was interviewed about the comic a few months back! You can check it out here!

  • Happy Holiday from ComicsBreak!

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    Oh, and this is what a reply looks like.

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  • As summer closes out, so does the first ever Lucy Fan Art Contest. As this is the very first, I didn’t expect much of a turnout, and I was correct for the most part, as there were only four entries. I’m not […]

  • If you’ve ever wanted to get some sweet Lucy merch, now’s your chance! Be one of the five winners, and it’s all yours! (Yes, even if you don’t live in the U.S.!)

    So what do you have to do? Simple! Just make a […]

  • Guest D says :Head inside the library and return your current book. After that, find a book on dreams. Probably browse through the different kinds until you come across one that’ll most likely help your s […]

    • Hey guys, Chimaera High is back after an absurdly long hiatus. I want to apologize profusely for the delays, which are due partly to real life getting in the way, and partly to me having terrible scheduling skills.

      As I announced here earlier, I stayed at a clinic for 3 weeks, and that put me behind schedule something fierce. Then I attended my brother’s wedding. Then I added a bunch of commissions in the mix to make up for the money I wouldn’t make during that time. CH stayed a secondary priority for a while and kept getting late.

      So I decided to change some things. First, as you might have noticed with the smoother anims, I started using Flash. I still have to improve some things, but it helps tremendously when I make anims that are more than 3 frames long. Like that shoulder grab :3 I also added a progress bar on the right, so you can follow my progress on the next page and make sure I’m not actually dead.

      I hope you’ll keep enjoying Chimaera High despite the speedbumps. Today, meet Yume ! ^^

    • Oh neat a marionette/golem/automaton kinda thing that’s really cool… does this mean there are such things such as prosthetic limb replacements? Are such things also used for combat and assassination?

      ehem sorry i find this sort of thing immensely interesting at any rate Yume is definitely cute.

    • Darnit! I said no shenanigans! >_<

      So tell us about this Yume person… oid… thing.

    • Depending on how much of a “paper trail” you want to leave some subtly might be in order. Likely Yume will happily tell anyone with authority who asks ‘this one’ what searches were done and by whom. So asking for a specific book may draw attention later, depends on how tight security is at this library. Best to get directions to that dream section, unless we are talking about a section with several hundreds titles just on the topic of dreams.

      And don’t forget to smooth your tail out, nothing says ‘up to something’ like a frizzed tail.

    • It’s all explained in the FAQ 🙂

    • Oh no, as it has been a couple of week or so since you posted this. I hope you are doing better now.

      The flash animations are lovely! Please do take you time in doing the pages and be sure to make sure your health comes first! I am glad to you see you are back!

    • I’ve had several IRL problems that unfortunately caused me to put CH on the backburner. However, I’m currently working on the page, and I’ll explain in more detail the reasons for the hiatus once I post it.

      Current goal update date is some time this week.

    • I am glad to see this comic still going. Take your time.

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