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    1. The Parameter and Application of The File Board Sheets
    ColorPurple & Blue & Yellow
    Size230*280 mm or customized sizes
    Grit SizeP40-P400
    Abrasive MaterialCalcined Alumina Oxide & Silicon Carbide
    Backing Materialweight Paper
    BondResin Over Resin
    Original PlaceHenan, China
    FeaturesElectrostatic coating, good wear resistance and skid resistance;
    Pretty long service life, excellent cutting performance;
    Effectively reducing clogging and dust during grinding process.
    ApplicationSuitable for light to heavy grinding, suitable for the polishing of high and medium density fibreboard, solid wood, and stainless steel wire drawing.
    2. The Transformed Forms
    The file board sheets also can take on the following shapes. According to your needs, we can provide customized products.

    3. How To Use The Abrasive Tools
    The products can be used with angle grinder, edge grinding machine and other tools.

    4. The Series Abrasive Tools We Can Provide
    Except for the E- weight paper backing file board sheets, we can also provide the sanding rolls as:the fibre paper backing, the A to E-paper backing sanding rolls, belts and discs.
    5. FAQ
    ➢ How to choose the suitable abrasive tools?
    There are three principles: first, we should consider the chemical reaction between the abrasives and work-pieces; second, the hardness of the abrasive is of great importance; third, the sharpness of the abrasive tools; meanwhile, when using the products, we should cares the temperature, in case of burning and over-wear.
    ➢ How to use the product safely?
    For the aging problem of bond, the storage period of the bond shall be less than 1 year. If the storage beyond 1 year, we’d better check the abrasives before applying them.
    ➢ How to store the coated abrasives?
    The product shall be placed in well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.Customized Abrasive Sheets