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    chair molding
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    Problems and solutions in injection molding
    Product is not full of glue
    This is a frequently encountered problem, but it is easier to solve. When it can’t be solved by the chair molding process, it can be improved from the design and manufacture of the mold, which can generally be solved.
    Tip: When such a problem occurs, observe the movement of the screw of the injection molding machine while molding. Pay special attention to the position of the screw when the pressure is completed and when the glue is completed.
    In the first case, the screw position of the injection chair molding machine reaches the set value, and the position of the injection molding pressure is 0 (the residual glue amount is 0).
    Possible causes:
    1, leaking glue. In this case, first check the injection molding machine barrel for leaking glue; whether the matching position between the injection molding machine nozzle and the main bushing of the mold leaks. If there is leakage of glue, the product is not full of glue is a natural phenomenon, should be excluded first. The following checks are performed only if it is confirmed that there is no melt leakage. When the product is not full of glue, and there is no colloid leakage, it may be insufficient. At this time, it is necessary to increase the melt stroke and increase the amount of glue. After increasing the melter stroke, continue to observe the residual glue amount of the screw, the course of the melt glue and the rubber feed of the product.
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