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    Magnetic Switch, some call Door Contact. It is a small accessory specialized in supervising the status of doors and windows. It can be divided into two parts: the first part which has a lead wire to be installed in the fixed door frame and the lead wire connects to controller: the second part is a magnetic substance whose polarity is opposite to the first part, it is installed in the active door leaf to align with the first part.

    ModelContact FormContact PowerSize(mm)Specialty(Contacts)
    GlassDiameterFull length
    ORD2131A1W7.0maxφ1.80max35.8 ± 0.3Super Mini(Rh)
    ORD213S1A1W7.0maxφ1.80max13Super Mini SMD(Rh)
    ORD2191A10W12.0maxφ2.00max44.3 ± 0.3Common Mini(Rh)
    ORD2211A10W13.0maxφ2.30max44.2 ± 0.3Mini Flat(Rh)
    ORD22211A10W13.0maxφ2.30max56.7 ± 0.3Mini Contact Long Contact(Rh)
    ORD228VL1A10W14.0maxφ2.20max44.3 ± 0.3Mini(Rh)
    ORD228S-11A10W14.0maxφ2.20max19.6 ± 0.3Mini(Rh)
    ORD22201A10W14.0maxφ2.20max56.7 ± 0.3Mini Wide(Rh)
    ORD2291ADC50W/AC70W21.0maxφ2.75max55.4 ± 0.3High Voltage&Power (Rh)
    ORD22101ADC50W/AC70W21.0maxφ2.75max55.4 ± 0.3High Power (Rh)
    ORD2210V1A100W21.0maxφ2.75max55.4 ± 0.3Vacuum Voltage&Power(Rh)
    ORD22111A50W(12V-3.4)16.5maxφ2.80max44.1 ± 0.3LED style(Rh)
    ORD22121A10W16.5maxφ2.80max43.9 ± 0.3Closed Value(Rh)
    ORD2341A10W21.0maxφ3.50max43.4 ± 0.3Long life(Rh)
    ORD92151A10W17.0maxφ2.80max44.1 ± 0.5Mini(Rh)
    ORD92161A10W14.0maxφ2.20max44.3 ± 0.5Mini(Rh)
    ORT5511C3W14.0maxφ2.54maxN.O51.6 ± 0.3Super Mini COM(Rh)
     N.C56.1 ± 0.3
    ORD3111A10W7.0maxφ1.80max35.8 ± 0.3Life Super Mini(lr)
    ORD3121A30W12.0maxφ2.00max44.3 ± 0.3Power/Life(lr)
    RA-9011A10W2.5±0.2(W)2.5±0.2(H)19.5±0.2(L)Mini SMD(Finished)
    RA-9031A1.0W2.1±0.2(W)2.1±0.2(H)12.3±0.2(L)Mini SMD(Finished)
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