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    Product Details
    High quality pure cobalt wire 0.3mm~2mm
    Introduction for cobalt wire
    BBIEN supplies 99.9% and 99.99% pure cobalt wire, cobalt wire, pure Co wire, purity Cobalt wire which purity above Pure cobalt wire with 1kg packing per reel or bobbin packing,this wire can be used for alloy materials and abrasive resistance.
    BBIEN’s cobalt pure wire information:
    Diameter:above 0.3mm;e.g.0.3mm,0.4mm0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,2.0mm…
    Packing with 1kg and 500g per spool
    We make the cobalt metals, include cobalt bar (cobalt rod), cobalt plate (coblat sheet), cobalt wire and cobalt targets. The purity is over 99.95%. We make the cobalt metal products at the best price in China.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions via web
    Specifications of pure cobalt wire
    Product TypeMetal wire
    MaterialPure cobalt wire
    Composition99.95%pure Co
    Melt point1493 degree
    Flux contentsolid
    ApplicationMetal soldering,electronics
    Density (g/m^3)8.4
    Diameter 0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm
    Weight1000g/pcs,500g/reel,or 5kg per reel
    TypePurity wire or metal alloy wire
    Place of originMade in China Shenzhen City
    Keyword Co wire,cobalt purity99.95% wire
    Metal purity 99.95% cobalt wire
    Cobalt wire
    Pure cobalt wire physical feature
    Product TypeMetal wire
    MaterialPure cobalt
    Composition99.9%pure( Co)
    Melt point1493 degree
    ApplicationMetal soldering,electronics
    Density (g/m^3)8.9
    Weight1000g/pcs,or 5kg per reel
    TypePurity wire or metal alloy wire
    Place of originShenzhen,China
    Keyword Co wire,cobalt purity99.9% wire
    Metal purity 99.9% cobalt wire
    Cobalt wire
    Certificate of Quality of cobalt wire
    Cobalt wire Co wire:
    Purity: 99.9%above
    Package: Wooden case package
    Chemical prosperity:
    Co:99.9 C: 0.005 S<0.001 Mn:0.00038 Fe:0.0049
    Ni:0.002 Cu:0.005 As:<0.0003 Pb:0.001 Zn:0.00083
    Si<0.001 Cd:0.0003 Mg:0.00081 P<0.001 Al<0.001
    Sn<0.0003 Sb<0.0003 Bi<0.0003
    Size:above 0.3mm
    Cobalt or cobalt wire is good used
    for abrasive resistance, permanent magnet material,Heat resistant alloy, hard alloy, anticorrosive alloy, magnetic alloy and important raw materials of various kinds of cobalt salts.In addition,pure cobalt wire can be also applied to the semiconductor industry, cutting technology and soldering welding industry.
    Packing Details
    Specificationcobalt wire
    AppearanceBright or black wire appearance
    Packing1kg,2kg per reel/bobbin;10kg/carton: 30kg/carton
    Size of 10kg carton:36x18x8cm
    Size of 30kg carton:36x18x26cm
    Exported countries:
    BBIEN high quality pure cobalt wire have been exported to South Korea,Germany,Israel, America, Canada, Ukrain, Russia…We are appreciated your kindly inquiry and feedback and cooperate from now on.
    Products Photos
    BBIEN Technology is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of 99.9% pure cobalt wire 0.3mm~2mm. We have professional workers who have consummate skills producing high quality products in our factory. Welcome to buy our discount and low price 99.9% pure cobalt wire 0.3mm~2mm made in China. Pricelist and quotation consultation are available if you need.High quality Special Metal