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    High Temperature Cast Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve Flanged Wafer Lug PN16 Class 150 For Slurry Wastewater
    The knife gate valve is applicable for coal in power plant, salg discharge, sewage treatment, food, paper making, medicine, petroleum and chemical industry, water, oil, stream, connecting or cutting grout, gold powder, ores, slag, coal, pulp, wood pulp, tailing, fibers, dust, chemicals, sewage treatment, sedimentation tanks, asphalt, bunker export, fruit juices, cereals, slaughter plant waste and other media.
    The knife gate valve is with replaceable rubber seat, its sealing principle is mainly by close connection between gate and rubber seals. Its main character is that the rubber sealing ring is set in seat’s groove and is locked by metal seat, which will precent rubber seat off when opening and closing the valve. If the seal is broken, you can remove the metal seat and replace the rubber seal, which will greatly improve valve’s working efficiency. This valve is a cost-effective, high-performance product. All series of knife gate valves can be equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators, in order to meet the requirements of different industrial and mining use.
    Design & Manufacturing: MSS SP-81, MSS SP-135, ASME B16.34, etc.
    Face to Face: MSS SP-81, MSS SP-135, ASME B16.10, DIN3202, etc.
    Pressure & Temperature: ASME B16.34;
    Test & Inspection: MSS SP-81, API 598;
    Visual Inspection: MSS SP-55;
    Material: Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, etc
    Size: DN50-DN2000
    Pressure: PN10, PN16, 150LB, JIS10K, etc
    End Type: Flanged, Wafer, Lug
    Operation: Handwheel, Bevel Gear, Electric, Pneumatic, etc
    Well and High Quality Control.
    Fast Delivery, and Competitive Prices.
    Small Order Acceptable, OEM and ODM are OK.
    China Gate Valve factory