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    Model SD-689C
    Dimensions 1450*1020*1900mm
    Packing size 15801150*2150mm
    G.W. 810kg
    N.W. 690kg
    Motor 5HP
    Output 1200pairs/8hours
    It’s applicable to the welt moulding of women’s spring and autumn shoes after being taken from last, which can make a good looking for shoes.
    A. The electrical heating is fast and the temperature can be up to more than 200.The result of sharp cooling is excellent and the temperature can be lowered to below minus 10.
    Double heating and cooling can be operated with left and right shoe separately dealt with. It can raise efficiency and increase output.
    B. The welt is good looking. The wrinkle smoothing and inferior shoes reforming and other functions are easy to operate.

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