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    SPG series is thermal conductive PCM (phase change material). The phase Change temperature is 48℃, which is Used between the radiator and the power Consumption electronic devices. SPG reduces the thermal resistance between the heater and the cooling plate by screen printing, brushing or “Form in place” with excellent wettability and compression rate.
    Features And Benefits
    Thermal conductivity 2.1-3.5W/mK
    High thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance
    Solid state at room temperature and liquid
    state after phase change temperature
    High thixotropy, no flowing
    Easy to operate
    High cooling requirements for high-power LED and computer Communications equipment, wireless stations
    Power converter RDRAM RDRAM memory module and chip
    Operating Instructions
    Printing the product on the cleaning surface of units. Used to “Form-In-Place” or silk-screen printing
    Configurations Available
    Paste form (Canning or Syringe)
    Phase Change Thermal Interface Grease
    PropertySPG560-25SPG560-30SPG560-35Test Method
    Specific Gravity (g/cc) D792
    Viscosity (cps)<200000<200000<200000HG/T 2363
    Operating Temperature
    -40℃ to 150℃

    Phase Change Temperature

    Storage Conditions

    Shelf Life
    12 month

    Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) D5470
    Thermal Resistance (@50℃,50Psi)0.014℃-in2/W0.011℃-in2/W0.008℃-in2/WASTM D5470
    Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (Kv/mm)4.04.0
    ASTM D149
    PropertySPM205ASPM205PTest Method
    Specific Gravity (g/cc)2.852.1ASTM D792
    Thickness Range (mm)0.127-0.20.127-0.2-
    Operating Temperature-40℃ to 125℃-
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