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      google flights

      “Google” turns into “booking agency” for hotels and airline tickets .. Europe is preparing to close
      New service and “European Commission” sued

      The famous search engine “Google” began the launch of a new service to its pioneers by launching a platform for booking airline tickets and hotels around the world.

      The new service is called Google Flight Booking, available in Arabic and offers flights from booking flights from more than 300 airlines and travel agencies online.

      When searching for airline tickets, a new button is shown that allows the user to know the availability and prices of hotels in the selected destination, at the same time specified for the flight back and forth, identified by the user, and vice versa also available, and works the same way when booking the hotel.

      If you click “More Destinations” in the top left corner of the screen, you’ll have a new experience to explore other destinations, weekends, and trips the user might be interested in.

      A feature called “Your Trips” is also included to help you see a glimpse of all the upcoming and previous Travels from Gmail, user-specific information, and can be sent via email to friends or family.

      You can also make edits and access them directly offline when you’re on Google Travel.

      The European Commission of the Association of European Travel Agencies has filed suit against the US company for the possible impact on European travel and booking companies.

      Association President Alex Riborto called on the European Court to close the new site urgently.
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